Lastest Mishaps

Last week was quite the adventurous week for our crew….. Greg took Tack to play at the park.. about midway while he was talking to their walker, he noticed that Tack was limping… so the ball throwing stopped and Greg decided to end the romping for the day and head back home.  As the afternoon progressed, his limp worsened and his front foot started to swell.. bad signs….
After a call to the Vet, we started him on Rimadyl and Tramadol.
In the morning, I left Clewie alone while I took Tack out, scanned the table for food items (glossing over the blue tramadol and Rimadyl bottles) – because Clewie is quite the scrounger.
Within 5 min, I was back and switching the dogs, which took another 5 min….. then breakfast.
As I was putting Clewie’s food puzzle down, I saw the blue pill bottles out of the corner of my eye ON THE BED……  The half full Rimadyl bottle (with 100 mg tablets) was crushed and empty.
At this point, my mind started racing….. but still felt in slow motion.
I was all of a sudden their CRAZY mom who pulled the food away and couldn’t make complete sentences… in fact I could only get out two words repeatedly and they aren’t appropriate for this blog….
I was able to at least pick up Clewie, because I couldn’t get across to her that she was going… and we ran out to the car to the Emergency Vet.  Also, I called my boss to run the conference call I was due to lead in a little more than half an hour.
Luckily it’s about 5 min away and I called them on the way…..   I did check the time and figured she got to the Vet within 15 – 20 minutes of eating the pills.
Long story…. but because Rimadyl is absorbed so fast, she was at the hospital for the next 2 days.
That’s the end of her drama.. besides for an upset stomach, her blood tests were all normal and she is now completely recovered at home – spunky as ever.
The drive home was a little surreal as I hoped my autopilot self actually closed up the boat.  But i got home to find nothing out of normal.. except for a confused and hungry Tack.
After his visit with the Vet, he ended his day sporting pink piggies on his cast…..
Now we need to be careful he doesn’t smack us around by accident with his brutish muscles reinforced with a metal plate…..
He’s getting used to the cast and walking around….
We’re calling him “Peggy” or “Hop-a-long” and I’m singing the song “Peggy Sue” to him…
Snuggling also now comes with more caution ….

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