Adventure: Petaluma

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This weekend we led a cruise for the Berkeley Yacht Club to Petaluma – Tack and Clewie’s first time heading up the river.

They’re pretty good at sailing.  Clewie is excellent, bouncing from snoozing down below to hanging around on deck…. mostly if it’s windy – or not much to look at, she’s going to opt to nap below.  Tack on the other hand is still a teensy bit nervous.  He tried to go down below to sleep with Clewie and the stretches down below are getting longer, but he does come up more often and I suspect it’s because he’s feeling slightly anxious.  Though it could be that he misses us just that much and can’t bear to be away from us 😉 He’s in general, more cautious than Clewie and takes longer to adjust to new things than she does.

We headed up not too early – out of the marina by 10… we had a 3:30 bridge opening scheduled.  It was pretty fun that four BYC boats were pretty close and all aiming for the same bridge opening.  It’s always fun to see and talk to others travelling along nearby.

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Here we are in the channel between the Bay and the Petaluma River (you can see one of the marks behind us.  Tack and Clewie are both milling around since it’s flat and easy sailing.  That green patch is their toilet… which is out because about an hour after leaving the marina, even though he had just gone to the bathroom, Tack decided he needed to pee – so we were super glad he could.

*BoatLife fact – I find it super interesting that Matey hardly ever drank while daysailing (even though we would offer)….  But Tack and Clewie don’t let anything stand in the way of their meals or water…..  they are all into taking care of their needs.

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Here’s a shot of what the river looks like… there are also areas that have vineyards onshore – it’s really beautiful – lots of wildlife.

The dogs were super great down the river- it was calm, so they mostly hung out with Clewie snoozing in the sun soaking up the heat – while Tack tried to find shade.

After getting tied up, the scene usually involves people coming over to visit – the dogs are a big draw with most, so people love to say hi to them.  And they love to schmooze and mingle.  Clewie tries to wash as many faces as possible.

But we had to leave them while we went for human only activities of drinking/eating and eating some more.  We followed dinner plans with having our Vet (she was one of the boats on the cruise conveniently) come over and do the honors of freeing Tack from his cast – after some more drinks to end the evening.

Btw, about the cast, this week (Tuesday) would have been 13 weeks with it on….  that’s a long time – but his toe was shattered.  We went pretty fast from hard cast, to soft cast (without a splint) to off completely… mostly because he kinda started to get stir crazy.  He was getting so excited so easily and so quickly… just very unlike Tack.  Because of this, she decided it was time to remove the cast and get him back to some activity.

Sunday late morning about 15 of us (including Tack and Clewie) headed out for a walking tour of Petaluma.  It was a great walk around seeing lots of people, dogs and new sights.

I realize now I have no pictures of us in Petaluma.  So here is one on the way again…..  with a story…

I bought Tack and Clewie collars from Kurgo which had little bottle openers on it.  They were on clearance, I fell in love with the colors and only noticed the bottle opener option when I received it.  Clewie’s was a bit small and I have since purchased another for her, but Tack still wears his.

So, we found ourselves on the Petaluma River with cold beer from the ice chest on deck and no bottle opener handy…..  but Tack was here….. So we put that collar bottle opener to good use.

IMG_20160806_135101382 (2)

It took a little longer than we expected because i needed to get a photo…

If you notice behind Greg, the shore is a long way away… that’s because we were less that a boat length away from shore heading straight for it….. quick reactions aboard and we straightened our course.  whew!

Back to the cruise.. Sunday was spend lounging aboard. A coworker and his wife came over for drinks and a visit and we moved boats around on the dock to prepare for an early morning departure before the depth trapped us another day.

The next morning had us departing before 7am for our scheduled bridge opening.  We were able to get some nice foggy shots on the river.

IMG_5457 (2)


It was a quick hour and a half down the river with the tide (it’s not really a river, but a tidal estuary).

IMG_5458 (2)

Then into the channel and a couple more hours to the Richmond bridge with a 2kt current push.  And a nice sail back home to Berkeley.

T&C had their celebratory land poop and enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing from their big adventure.

  • The constant movement/wind/excitement of sailing/boating always seems to tire dogs out


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