Pura Vida


Pura Vida, a Hylas 47, designed by Sparkman & Stephens (her name is Costa Rican and means ‘the good life’).  

She sails beautifully in lighter winds (our biggest concern when deciding to purchase her).  Of course in the heavier stuff, she feels very stable to my lighter displacement background.  


47′ Hylas Cutter Rig

Designer: Sparkman and Stephens

LOA: 47′                                            LWL: 37′ 9″                                        Beam: 14′ 2 “

Displacement: 32,000lbs                Draft: 6′                                                Ballast: 14,500lbs

Companionway (or ladder) going down into the boat.  Not super dog friendly… but our previous dog taught us that dogs are adaptable.  We always lift them down… but taught Tack to climb the ladder in a week or two.  Clewie we thought was too little and had a weak thigh from her FHO – learned very quickly about the advantages of climbing on her own and taught herself.  Though when she’s sleepy and not really motivated, she waits to be lifted up.

The salon or living room –  there is lots of easily accessible storage for boatstuff, food, drinks, books and even a lighted liquor cabinet.

This is below looking aft.  That’s the galley (or kitchen to the right of the picture and the Nav station to the left.  The two doors at the end of the walkways lead to why center cockpit boats are so awesome.

Matey (our previous dog) is featured on the picture of our bed…. the aft cabin has a Queen walkaround berth – which is super nice for a livaboard sailboat.  Not so great for passages – but we have other sea berths when we are underway.

  This is the other side of the aft cabin.  

   In the aft cabin there is also a bathroom/shower.

   Here is below facing forward.  To the left is a room with double bunk berths – we basically use it now as a semi organized garage.  When we head off cruising, we will turn one of the berths back into a usable bunk so the off watch person can get some good sleep while underway.  Forward is the vberth which we use for guests.

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